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About Violin Lessons

Violin lessons at the Altadena Academy of Music are offered to students as young as 4.5 years old as well as adult students, who make up close to one-third of the Academy's students. We specialize in violin instruction instruction for students at all levels, including beginners, advanced students, as well as undergraduate and graduate level students looking to further hone their skills.

Although the fundamental violin instruction remains the same, including sight reading, ear training, technique, and music theory, all of these elements vary slightly depending on the student's goals and needs (e.g. a student interested in classical violin will focus on slightly different fundamentals than a student looking to take violin lessons focused on violin in pop music).

Of course, although your learning progress is the most important aspect of lessons, your overall experience and engagement during lessons is equally as important. That is the primary reason why all of our violin teachers not only work on developing your technique and musicianship skills, but also keep your classes engaging and fun and tailored to the music that you enjoy.

Beginners and students aged 4.5 through 7 typically start with a 30-minute lesson once a week with one of our world-class violin teachers. As part of all violin lessons, students will learn to read music, build an understanding of rhythm, as well as enjoy creative exploration through composition, improvisation, and performance opportunities.

New students enrolling in violin lessons receive a welcome package as well as an Altadena Academy of Music Practice tote bag. For more information regarding violin lessons at the Altadena Academy of Music, please contact our office by calling us at (626) 296-0799 or registering for lessons by clicking the button below. The Academy proudly offers violin lessons to students in Altadena, Pasadena, La Cañada, Glendale, Burbank, Monrovia, San Gabriel, Alhambra, San Marino and surrounding areas.

Violin Lessons Tuition

The prices listed here are for private violin lessons taking place at the Academy once a week, as well as virtual and online violin lessons.

30 Minutes


Per Month

45 Minutes


Per Month

60 Minutes


Per Month

Levels of Violin Lessons

No matter the level at which you currently are - whether a complete beginner or an advanced student who has been taking violin lessons for a decade - the Altadena Academy of Music is here to help you get the most out of violin lessons. Since we specialize in private lessons which we have been delivering since 2003, we ensure that your experience with violin lessons is tailored to your current level, the pace at which you are comfortable to work at, as well as your goals and ambitions within music.


Our beginner violin lessons are designed for students of all ages with little to no violin experience. If you are brand new to violin lessons, you can expect a wonderful experience that covers all of the important fundamentals, including hand positioning, fingering, basics of music theory and sight reading, musical notations, and other important elements.


Intermediate violin lessons are ideal for students who have been playing for over two and a half years and want to continue improving their skills, including technique, sight reading, and musicianship. It is important to note that we emphasize music theory as part of all of our lessons, so if you are behind on a certain aspect of theory, we will make sure that you are in sync between your practical knowledge and technique, as well as your theoretical knowledge.


Advanced lessons are generally the path for students who have been playing for a minimum of seven years who wish to either hone their existing skills, learn a new piece, or prepare for a rigorous audition to professional-level competitions, exams (MTAC/MTNA/Royal), and auditions to music schools and conservatories.

Why Choose Our Academy for Violin Lessons in Altadena, CA

Our Violin Teachers

Our teachers are truly the core of our institution. As mentioned previously, we receive hundreds of teaching applications every year, and every violin teacher on our team is a proven professional with a great personality (and their educational, performance, and teaching background speaks for themselves too!).

Our Facility

We pride ourselves on teaching students on the finest upright and grand pianos, including a large array of Yamaha U-1s and U-3s, as well as Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos. We feature a comfortable lounge for parents with high-speed WiFi, an area for little kids to play and check out Lego magazines and coloring books, as well as plenty of free parking. The Academy, located on the border of Pasadena and Altadena, is central to grocery stores, even allowing you to make a quick grocery run while your child is in class.

Our Experience

We have been part of the Pasadena, Altadena, and La Cañada communities since 2003. Delivering violin lessons to thousands of students (both children and adults) over the years has allowed us to foster the best possible environment for learning music.

Our Policies

We provide students with month-to-month lessons with no long-term commitments. Switching gears away from music? Simply give us a 30-day heads up and you are good to go! Need to change your lesson time? Let us know and we'll be glad to look at other options. And of course - need to miss a lesson? Let us know in advance and you can always receive a private make up credit, rather than lose your lesson or do a group make up.

Our Accolades

We genuinely hate to brag - but we have been chosen as the Best Music School by Expertise Magazine for several years in a row. We are also a Pasadena Weekly Reader Recommended Music School (every year since 2015). Lastly, we are a Steinway & Sons Teaching and Educational Partner, an extremely rare designation for private music schools, as well as members of the Music Teachers' Association of California. The list of the Academy's accolades, including students' competition wins, goes on, and we really hope it speaks for itself!

Meet Some of Our Violin Teachers in Altadena

As Pasadena and Altadena's top-rated music school and academy for violin lessons, we generally attract over fifty top violin teachers' resumes for a single violin teacher opening at our school located on the border of Altadena and Pasadena. As you can imagine, the selection process to teach violin at the Altadena Academy of Music is extremely rigorous and includes not only technical and behavioral interviews, but also sample lessons and feedback collection from students.

Due to this rigorous interview process for violin teachers, we pride ourselves in having the most dedicated and prestigious faculty of any school in the Altadena and Pasadena area. Teachers on our team have received degrees from the world's best music programs, including the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, USC Thornton School of Music, Juilliard, Peabody Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, Columbia University, and the Curtis Institute of Music.

Our Piano Teachers

All of our private violin teachers possess not only excellent teaching ability, but also hands-on performance experience which allows them to share unparalleled real-world expertise during each and every violin lesson.


Ms. Valerie

Violin Teacher
Bachelor's Degree, CSUF

Mr. Kevin

Violin Teacher
Bachelor's Degree, Fort Lewis College

Ms. Alethea

Violin Teacher
Bachelor's Degree, Whitman College

Our Violin Lesson Gallery in Altadena

Frequently Asked Questions About Violin Lessons

If you would like an instrument to practice on at home, there are several options. One popular option is to purchase a student violin from a reputable violin store. Another option is to rent a violin, which is extremely popular for students on the younger side. As they grow, their violin size will grow, and renting allows you to not repurchase violins of multiple sizes. The Altadena Academy of Music provides violin rentals, and would be happy to get you set up if you decide to go that route.

Generally, children ages 4-4.5 and up are old enough to begin violin lessons. Students younger than 4.5 are able to enroll in General Music private lessons, which will cover many of the fundamentals needed to successfully transition to violin lessons once a student is at the right age.

Starting early is encouraged as there are a multitude of benefits of taking violin lessons as a child. These include better cognitive development, enhanced memory, as well as the social benefits of being in a music school setting. Additionally, taking music lessons has been proven to improve students' results in math, as well as shown improvement in mental health and self-esteem. Of course, aside from the scientific benefits, music lessons are fun and enjoyable, and give children a unique hobby to be passionate about.

As the old saying goes (pun intended), you are never too old to pursue a new hobby. Adults make up about one-third of the Academy's students, and adult violin lessons specifically are a very popular choice. Adults choosing to pick up music usually do so to engage in a new hobby, meet friends , and hone their musical abilities.

Additionally, students looking into improving their memory, as well as controlling certain conditions, such as Parkinson's tremors, are actually encouraged to begin violin lessons, as playing music is scientifically proven to stimulate the brain and allow you to strengthen and improve your hand coordination.

All of our violin lessons here at the Altadena Academy of Music include sight reading and music theory. Music lessons are not really lessons without theory! 🙂

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